Tiny Tim Source Code


Tiny Tim for UNIX is distributed as C source code in a compressed tar file.

Version Release Date Description
6.3 Earliest available release.
7.0 Jun 2008 Last release hosted at ST-ECF, with support for WFC3.
7.1 Dec 2010 Added extra input to directly support focus adjustments rather than requiring hand edits of the fully expanded parameter set.
7.2 Feb 2011 Updated WFC3 aberration coefficients. Clarifications of prompts and sampling.
7.4 Jun 2011 Updated WFC3 aberration coefficients and V2,V3 coordinates. Fix for multi-threading on hosts with more than 5 CPUs.
7.5 Nov 2012 Fixed focus adjustment for NICMOS.

UNIX Installation

1) Download source from the table above (2.8 MB)
2) Uncompress and untar the source code:

    % tar zxvf tinytim-7.5.tar.gz
3) Read the installation instructions in the manual